You Will Not Be Disappointed

“I came to Yoga Teacher Training because my own personal practice had plateaued and to take it further, I knew I had to do something different. So when I came to Okinawa and saw the advertisement for YTT, I knew it was a godsend because I could not believe there was an official YTT training in Okinawa. I couldn’t find one close by our last duty station. I checked out Rebecca’s website and what really caught my interest was her photo gallery of all her amazing advanced poses. I knew she could help me advance my practice. Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable about yoga. She has been practicing for a long time and it is obvious once she starts speaking about it. She exudes a true love for it. She has been a good teacher helping me advance my own practice and giving me the encouragement to begin teaching yoga myself. If you have the opportunity to learn from Rebecca, jump on in; you will not be disappointed. She has a lot to offer. I have never met a yoga teacher more knowledgeable or experienced.”

Okinawa, JA

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