Gentle Teaching Style and Her Magnetic Sense of Humor

“I am the City of Pensacola’s staff attorney and police legal advisor. Last summer, I was 62, overweight and woefully out of shape. Friends talked me into trying Rebecca’s new yoga class after hours at the police department. I and my coworkers were immediately hooked. Her amazing skill at yoga, her gentle teaching style and her magnetic sense of humor created our little class of yoga devotees. Now, I am 63, much less overweight, flexible and balanced beyond my imagination of a year ago, and we miss her terribly. When she left Pensacola to join her wonderful husband, Josh, she handed us off to a local yoga center and, for myself, it has become a way of life I do not expect to change. It has made me reflect that one of life’s ironies is that we are usually unaware of having met someone who changes us indelibly until after they have gone.”

Rusty, Pensacola, FL

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