One of My Better Life Decisions

“On a daily basis, I thank my lucky stars, that Rebecca encouraged me to enroll in her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training. I had been admittedly hesitant as I had taken my first yoga class only two months prior. I had actually dropped into Rebecca’s Beginners Yoga because I was recovering from two major foot surgeries. I was tired of losing my balance and feeling as if I was never going to be back to “normal”. When I first heard of the Teacher Training class, I quickly scoffed at the idea of attempting it. Rebecca patiently explained how this would help me to truly integrate yoga into my daily life and improve my overall physical well-being. I will admit for the first few classes I felt woefully inadequate and seriously second-guessed my decision to attempt this, but now hindsight being 20/20 it was one of my better life decisions.

Here is my one word of warning about the class. Do not expect this to be easy, either physically or mentally. You need to truly commit to this endeavor, not only for the classroom hours but also for completing homework as well as any other preparations you might feel are needed for the class (i.e. learning the various Sanskrit names for the poses, journaling your experience, preplanning sequences, etc). 

The 200 hours Teacher Training class gave me the foundation to understand many of the principals driving yoga both historically and in its current metamorphose. This knowledge has only wetted my appetite and I continue to push deeper into my studies of yoga’s philosophy, physiology, spirituality and its multitude of benefits. Some of my own personal achievements from completing this course have been: I now have a better grasp of how and why certain poses or sequences are done and how they can affect the body as well as your mindset. I feel more confident that my muscle memory of the various poses will be less likely to lead me to physical harm. An understanding of what a home practice is and ways to keep it interesting and appealing. How to organize and pace a yoga class for a variety of different types of students. A new sense of confidence in my ability for helping people overcome their own challenges.

I highly recommend that you don’t let your own fears keep you from learning all you can from Rebecca, and possibly taking her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training class. Her own experience, her patience with her student’s growth, her fundamental knowledge of yoga, and her desire to keep her students safe and yet challenged is unparalleled. 

In closing, I am still struggling with my balance but now I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel and soon I will be able to consistently hold Vrksasana (tree pose) for longer than 30 seconds.”

Heidi, Okinawa, JA

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