Online Yoga Immersion

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Yoga is a very personal practice - Explore it more on your own time

Yoga immersions and teacher trainings can be powerful and life changing experiences. Unfortunately, the daily grind of work, kids, family obligations, clubs, etc. can limit our ability to dedicate the time to deepening our yoga practice.

Being a working mother herself, Rebecca realizes the constraints that daily life puts on our yoga practice and has taken her popular 80 hr Yoga Immersion course and adapted an online version for the busy yogi or yogini. Distilling the immersion training down to its core principles, Rebecca has reworked the studio/classroom environment for the digital world.

Featuring hours of audio and video lectures, practices, and meditations designed to be consumed on your schedule, coaching and accountability calls, and an online community, the Rebecca Cohen Online Yoga Immersion will jumpstart your deeper dive into the concepts and philosophy of yoga. Additionally,

Perfect for those seeking to expand their yoga knowledge and develop a consistent, life changing, personal yoga and meditation practice.

In this online immersion students will learn:

  • The history of yoga - where it came from and how it got to where it is today

  • How to develop a regular meditation and yoga practice at home

  • The philosophy, benefits, and lifestyle of yoga

Coming 2019