Playlist 5/7/12

The Goddess – Bubble Club
The Buddha Bar – Blue Tribe
Anagram – Dousk
Violet Morning Moon – Bubble Club
City Lights from a Train – Vector Lovers
Bustelo – Ratatat
Love of Strings – Moby
Dawn Appears – Buckethead
Kamala – DJ Lakshmi
Blueshift – Jens Gad
Pronoia – Adham Shaikh
Dakini – Prem Joshua
Andrew Henry’s Meadow – Buckethead
The Scientist – Vitamin String Quartet
Don’t Forget to Breathe – David Buckley

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Make the Yoga Fit Your Body

I get a lot of brand new students to yoga in my current location. I know that people can get frustrated with any new type of exercise or activity, especially something that takes patience, courage, and discipline. I think that for some reason, we have these expectations of ourselves that make us think that if we don’t fit the mold that something is amiss. Maybe it stems from our culture and the madness in our marketing, but regardless – yoga will test you in many ways. The physical practice is just one…

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April 16-22 Playlist

Dictaphone’s Lament – Tycho
Anagram – Dousk
Track 13 – Julio Andular
Elephant (Dub Mix) – Spiral System & Lottie Child
Space Lullaby – New York Style Yoga
Such a Tease – Junkie XL
Sundial – Buckethead
Shut Your Eyes – Snow Patrol
Cloud Generator – Tycho
As If You’ve Never Been Away – Ulrich Schnauss
In a Sense – Eastern Sun
The Monks of Lindisfarne – Achillea
Big D’s Touch – Buckethead
Opening – Wah!

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How Often Should You Practice?

I hear this question a lot. In general my opinion and my answer is “as often as possible, but a little is better than none”. It’s like any other form of exercise or sport…the more you do it, the better you get or the more progress you will see. But for some reason people want to hear a number, a target, or some sort of formula that will lead to yoga bliss. If genie’s granted wishes…

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Playlist from Tuesday 2/7/12

1. Anagram – Dousk.
2. Electric Gypsy – Govinda
3. Breathe – Telepopmusik
4. One – Ohm G & Bruno
5. Cameldriver – Bahramji
6. Porcelain – Moby
7. The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming)
8. Pilots – The Collectors
9. Fellini’s Roma – Bent
10. Lord of Silk – Cell
11. Turn On Me – The Shins
12. The Monks of Lindisfarne – Achillea
13. Shape of My Heart – Sting
14. Opening – Wah!
15. Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – Chandra Om

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This Past Week’s Playlist – 1/24 – 1/28

1. Nobody’s Home – Ulrich Schnauss
2. Track 13 – DJ Lakshmi
3. Balearic Incarnation – Dolle Jolle
4. Souvenir (Moby Remix) – Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
5. Yesterdays – Junkie XL
6. Take Me Into Your Skin – Trentmoller
7. Across the Universe – Morpho Eugenia/ John Selway
8. Everest – Ratatat
9. Angelica – Lamb
10. Crazy Heart – Bahramji & Manessh De Moor
11. Divinire – Ludovico Einaudi

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Push-ups… Yoga Style

Chaturanga Dandasana. Otherwise known as the yogi push-up. We (yoga nerds) always talk about proper alignment and using the muscles in your back to support the posture instead of using your shoulders and chest muscles. Well…the question is: How the hell do you do that, it’s a push-up right?

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So You’re Not Flexible Enough for Yoga?

If you think that you shouldn’t set foot in a yoga class because you aren’t flexible, then yoga is exactly what you should be doing. Yoga is strengthening and stretching at the same time. Each pose is an isometric exercise, and flexibility is simply one of the many positive by-products of the practice. In other words, you don’t have to be flexible before you start practicing yoga. You just need an open mind and a yoga mat…

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So You’re New to Yoga?

You’ve never set foot in a yoga class…and you aren’t sure what to expect? Well, I thought I’d give you the low-down before you get there. Here are the bare essentials that you need to know:

1. Try not to eat within 2 hrs of class. I seriously hear a lot of people worried about embarrassing bodily functions. If you don’t eat before class you’ll be fine…

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