What is Vinyasa Yoga?

First off, let me say that there are many styles of yoga out there. I have been trained in a few different styles of yoga and I teach what is known as “Vinyasa” or “Vinyasa Flow”. If you have already tried yoga and think that it’s too slow or boring, try a Vinyasa class. It is anything but boring and slow. It is a careful improv of yoga poses one after another, and each movement is on an inhale or an exhale. It can be ramped up or down depending on the wants and needs of the class.

I offer a lot of options and encourage students to take the option that works for that day. Our bodies change from day to day, week to week, etc. Some days it’s better to work harder and get sweaty, while other days its better to take the easier variation or alternate pose. I’ve had classes of people from ages 18 – 80 in the same room together taking the same class. I’m able to offer variations to suit everyone. As long as you can handle doing something different than your neighbor, you’ll be okay. And remember, everyone starts out at the beginning. Vinyasa yoga can be challenging, but as long as you keep a regular practice you will get better. Yoga is one of those things that everyone can do, regardless of skill or fitness level.

Right now in Batavia I am offering the following types of classes:

  • Vinyasa for Beginners to Level 1: This class is perfect for anyone who has never tried yoga before or those that wouldn’t mind a little extra instruction.

  • Vinyasa for All Levels: Also suitable for beginners, this class will accommodate the advanced yogi if one shows up in class. My motto in this setting is to teach to the most fit/advanced student, and offer lots of variations to accommodate the whole group.

This is a really useful short video on some tips for correct posture through a vinyasa or sun salutation.

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