Using Yoga to Foster Resilience and Change

Yoga is much more than a simple workout or series of stretching exercises. It is a deep and ancient philosophy with the power to change, heal, and strengthen.

Rebecca Cohen is an accomplished yoga teacher with over 20 years of yoga practice and teaching experience in the US and abroad. Drawing on this experience, it's effortless for her to creatively sequence any type of class. She is known for her ability to challenge students and build confidence at the same time. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and watching her students learn and grow.

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Through the lens of yoga and meditation, I guide students through the process of self-discovery.


Over 25 years ago, I began my yoga practice not knowing it would lead me to where I find myself today. I never thought that I would end up guiding others through their own process of self-discovery. What yoga does for people is truly remarkable. Mostly because it’s a little different for everyone… because we are all unique and will experience the journey a little bit differently than the next person. People will experience the internal shifts according to their own lens of perception.

So many people are diving into yoga, all for their own reasons. It’s a system that will bring any person from their current mindset and physical health to a more awakened and healthier state of being. There are many ways to develop a more enhanced perception, but yoga is my favorite. I love watching my students change in such a short period of time. They become more resilient mentally and emotionally, more confident with natural inner strength, and they develop a connection between heart and mind. And that, my friends, is when the magic happens.

My programs are a blend of ancient teachings and modern science. I love a great spiritual experience as much as the next yogini, but I really need some evidence to support the teachings. Either through science, my own experiences, or the experience of students I’ve trained directly…my teaching comes from what I’ve seen. With over 25 years of practice and over 5,000 hours of teaching, I speak from a place of honesty, integrity, and it’s usually peppered with humor. (I like to have fun too…)

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Resilience, clarity, and strength are the side effects of a strong connection between heart and mind.

- Rebecca Cohen


Join me for a journey like no other yoga program out there. If you’ve found my page, it’s time. I don’t believe in random coincidences anymore. Information comes into our awareness when we are seeking it (either consciously or sub-consciously) when we are ready for it. It’s time for your shift. I’ll see you on the other side.




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80 hr Immersion + 120 hr Certification

Are you interested in learning more about the heart of yoga and developing your own personal yoga and meditation practice? Are you ready to take your love of yoga and spread the word through teaching?

This two part modular course is for those that want to explore the deeper concepts of yoga – or – become a yoga teacher.  Join just the immersion, or take the full teacher training certification course.

Choose how far down the rabbit hole you want to go!

Part One - Immersion (80 hr): For those that want to explore the deeper concepts of yoga while jump-starting their own personal yoga and meditation practice. Topics covered include yoga philosophy, concepts of energy in yoga, techniques in pranayama (breathing practices), yoga nidra (yogic sleep), mudra practice (hand gestures), and chanting. Suitable for all levels of practitioners

Part Two - Yoga Teacher Certification (120 hr): In part two, students begin to explore yoga on a deeper level and begin the foundations of teaching yoga through oral instruction, use of props, and gentle physical adjustments. This is a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour certification program and students that receive a certificate from the program may register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200 upon completion.





Whether you are someone suffering from an acute physical injury, or someone that has been dealing with chronic pain, Rebecca Cohen can help guide you on the path to healing.

Using her extensive experience with a variety of modalities, including Yoga, Thai Massage, and Meridian Energetics, and coaching, Rebecca helps to foster healing in the entire individual: body, mind, and spirit.

Book a personal yoga, energy work, or coaching session today.


Energy & Body Work

In addition to teaching and training, Rebecca also is also an accomplished healer. Utilizing energy and body work such as Meridian Energetics and Thai Yoga Massage, Rebecca focuses on a holistic healing approach for the body, mind, and spirit.



After years of experience starting and running several successful yoga enterprises, Rebecca has teamed with Grow Yoga Biz as a Yoga Coach to help aspiring as well as established yoga entrepreneurs reach their business goals. If you’re looking to take your yoga business to the next level, Rebecca and Grow Yoga Biz can lead the way.

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SUP Yoga

Not content to constrain her yoga to the land, one of Rebecca’s passions is practicing and teaching SUP yoga: yoga out on the water on a stand up paddleboard. In conjunction with Addicted 2 Asana, she runs SUP yoga teacher trainings and retreats, and has even written the definitive SUP yoga training manual ‘Get Your Asana on the Water’.